Longbows enables companies to insource a tax director on the basis of demand. The benefits of insourcing without addition to the payroll!

Globalisation and digitalization lead to more complex supply chains and more cross-border transactions. Specifically for the tax function this means that opportunities and threats lie ahead. You need a strategic business partner to step in and enable your business to grow ensuring that exposures are minimalized and you do not miss out on opportunities. The size of your business may not yet warrant a full-time tax director, that is why we have started Longbows. In addition to an interim role, we envisage growing with your company and demonstrate the value add of inhouse tax counsel.

How we work

Longbows is of the view that your tax function is of strategic value to your business

By working in your offices, we work with your business to align the tax strategy with your business strategy and on an operational level work real-time with the business on projects rather than ad-hoc.

The tax function is doing OK. Internally you have someone taking care of tax related admin and outside counsel advises you on transactions or specific matters when you deem necessary. You do not feel confident enough that the tax function is a true business partner, a partner in tax. For these cases, Longbows can help taking your tax function to the next level.

Having worked with companies that are the benchmark in their industry, Longbows works with you, to create value and take your tax function to ‘the next level’.

Companies we work for

Longbows assists companies that are internationally active with complex supply chains

Longbows is especially interested in building relationships with dynamic companies that are internationally active.
As your company grows you may think you have all tax aspects covered. Covering basic compliance internally and having a good working relationship with your outside counsel is the starting point rather than the finishing line.

Who we are

Team player with a solid background working with Big 4 and Dutch multinationals

Theo Koelman is the founder of Longbows. Theo started his career working with EY (Big 4) specializing in international tax. After eight years Theo moved inhouse to become tax counsel for bluechip companies such as Philips and ASML (Hong Kong based). With a background in international tax exceeding fifteen years, the time has come to live a dream. Theo has started Longbows to assist growing and dynamic multinationals in creating value from the tax function. We look forward taking the
next step together.


The key is business alignment - understand the business and make sure that tax is aligned with business

Exposure that tax authorities scrutinize the tax position and come to a reassessment with the possibility of penalties.
Regular position
Since tax authorities have to guard national budgets there is little chance to compensate overpaying in one country with underpaying in another, effectively leading to double taxation paying twice over the same result.


Inhouse tax counsel can assess the actual demand for tax services and function as a funnel to finetune requests to outside counsel

Understanding your business, the value drivers and how your business is run on a daily basis are imperative for us to create value. This will enable you to experience the strategic benefits of inhouse support on a flexible basis. We have a firm belief in the value we bring. We therefore take the approach that you should not see an invoice from us until we have demonstrated our value according to the specifications agreed upon (value based billing).

By working in your offices, we work with your business to align the tax strategy with your business strategy and on an operational level work as part of the business on projects rather than ad-hoc. You insource value!


In order to capture high value, you need to insource non-routine activities

Non-routine activities need to be tailored to the situation and typically require close alignment with internal stakeholders to be successful.
Routine functions can be done on the basis of set-out processes with little anticipated deviations.

In other words, you need social communicators who can team up with the rest of the organization to successfully capture high value tax benefits of non-routine activities.


alignment of transfer pricing with changed business model

Business operations are dynamic with new operations starting or existing operations ending. At the same time there is a continuous push on the supply chain to create efficiencies.

We have lead a large project for a major multinational bringing the pricing on inter company transactions back in line with the business that had changed substantially overtime.

The benefits of this large project consisted of:
reporting taxable profits where business was operated (avoid mismatches such as paying taxes in a country where you no longer have a business). increased insight and control from an operational / reporting perspective on the supply chain.


understand the interests of stakeholders and offer a viable solution to all

In a large acquisition in Italy, understanding the position of a number of bondholders and creating a tax efficient exit for these bond holders worked as a lubricant for the deal.


expansion of operational activities offered solution to enhance existing structure

Specific rules apply in Taiwan when it comes to title transfers, a-typical to most other countries. Understanding the supply chain and the Taiwanese rules made it possible to improve the supply chain and tackle a potential issue when the
manufacturing activities were increased.

Hong Kong

taking a consistent approach, increased position considerably

Hong Kong has a taxation system based on old English concepts, much different than most countries.
Understanding these concepts and being able to interpret these concepts to the way the business was effectively run lead to a situation where a more consistent approach towards the local tax authorities could be taken, effectively lowering the tax burden for the company.


Having worked with companies that are the benchmark in their industry, Longbows strives to work with you, to create value and take your tax function to ‘the next level’




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